About MedAdvance.

We build solutions to advance medical administration in collaboration with Clincs, Medical Professionals and Patients.

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About Us

MedAdvance lowers the upfront cost to Patients, lowers costs for Practitioners from cancellation and rescheduling, eliminates credit card processing cost, and increases Clinic attractiveness to patients living pay to pay by financing the rebate from their Insurer or Medicare
Our Mission

“To ensure each patient has access to quality health care, and every practitioner has the financial stability to provide world class care.”

Our Values
  • Collaboration - We collaborate with all stakeholders, team members, clinics, practitioners, and patients to promote ownership and empower each through better understanding, innovation, efficient processes, increased success, and improved communication.
  • Integrity - Do the right thing, even when you think no one is looking. We value honesty, transparency and a commitment to doing what’s best for our clients, customers, teammates, shareholders and company.
  • Innovation - We challenge ourselves to see what’s possible to better meet the needs of the team, customers and company. Strive to improve and do better. Create ways to solve tough problems. Take calculated risks. Finding new ways to solve a problem can help us move forward.
  • Growth - Growth means continuously improving outcomes for our clients, their patients, our team and the company. Growth is based on mutual success. Growth and scale need to bring increased outcomes to all stakeholders.
  • Service - Being service-minded or customer-oriented means that you care about providing a quality experience to everyone we serve. This extends to understanding the needs of our clients beyond product, creating equity and equality in opportunities, and supporting the community and our team.

Our Team

MedAdvance is led by a diverse core team and advisors with complementary strengths who strongly believe in the benefit we can bring to medical practitioners and patients.

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Adam van Zyl
Executive Team
Founder & CEO
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Carmina Cañero
Executive Team
Chief of Staff

Our Market

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Medical Clinics across Australia

General Practitioners and Specialists in practice today

Specialist Consultations each year

General Practitioner visits per year

Corporate Governance

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Code of Conduct

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