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We are dedicated to making access to quality medical care more affordable for all patients and reducing the costs of medical billing for all practitioners.

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At MedAdvance., We build solutions in collaboration with Clincs, Medical Professionals and Patients

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Thousands of hours of consultation with both the Medical Professionals, and the Patients they care for, has guided the development of MedAdvance.

Through these conversations we recognised

  • Moves from Bulk Billing to Mixed Billing has resulted in tension with patients needing an explanation why they now need to pay.
  • Increases in the use of Telehealth has changed the way patients pay for services with increased advance payment, card not present, increased transaction fees.
  • Patient payment timing issues have increased cancellations and rescheduling, particularly with higher cost consultations.

We built a new billing system which:

  • Reduces the cash-up-front cost of consultations and procedures for patients as much as 90% depending on the doctors fee and rebate amount.
  • Eliminates of the cost of Credit Card transactions for Practitioners which can be as much as 9% of the operating cost of a clinic.
  • Reducing cost by reducing cancellations and rescheduling of appointments by making it easier to pay, even at an earlier stage to ensure the appointment schedule.
  • Builds a single solution capable of splitting and routing payments to multiple accounts, providers or allied health professionals.

providing a seamless and frictionless billing process in clinic or by telehealth.

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Advancing Medical Billing

Dynamic changes to the healthcare industry have resulted in challenges…we have solutions.

High Processing Fees?

Processing credit card transactions is expensive. On average 2.6% of the transaction amount, which is often as much as 9% of all the costs of running a clinic. We reduce this cost to Zero.

Reduce your processing costs

Moved to Mixed Billing?

We hear the question every day. “Why do we need to pay $80. I have been seeing the doctor for years and never needed to pay.” Reduce the patient's stress by reducing their payment.

Smooth the transition to Mixed Billing

Increasing Telehealth?

With the rise of telehealth, we see increases in card not present transaction costs, and increases in no-shows and cancellations. Our free online invoicing can help with both.

Accept payments online and by phone

Want to Calculate the Savings?

We can’t tell you how much you will save in staff time from reduced appointment changes, but we can tell you how much you will save on credit card transactions. Give our calculator a try.

Calculate your clinic savings

Too Many Reschedules and Cancellations?

No-shows, cancellations and reschedules have become even more common, especially in telehealth. Reduce the cash stress on patients while billing earlier to firm up the appointment bookings.

Reduce no shows and reschedules

Need Transaction Splitting?

Particularly when dealing with Allied Health consultants, the ability to split transactions and provide instant payment of the consultant fee opens opportunities for new revenue streams.

Route payments seamlessly

Practioners we work with

MedAdvance works with a range of General Practitioners, specialist and allied health professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that we do not cover, feel free to send us a message or chat with us. We would love to hear your questions and add them to our FAQ’s.

If a patient pays in full in advance, is Bulk Billed, or is a DVA Billed patient, there is no difference at all in the cost to the patient.

When a patient chooses to have MedAdvance finance the rebate amount, the MedAdvance Fee is added to the Gap Fee amount. The fee varies depending on the consultation or procedure code, and is based on the amount financed by MedAdvance.

MedAdvance is currently focused on Australia, with plans to expand into select international markets in the future.

Yes, MedAdvance will be a sponsor and/or exhibitor at conferences and events around Australia.

Check out our events section to find out where you will find us.

Yes, MedAdvance provides 24 hour support via Email, Phone and Chat.

You can also Submit a Support Request via our website.

No. There is no contract term requirement with MedAdvance.

We have a simple Memorandum of Understanding used to sign up which outlines the terms of use and the benefits of using MedAdvance.